Two girls climbing on structures outside East Lothian Community Hospital

East Lothian Community Hospital

Find out more about the Green Health projects and activities that are taking place on site

The East Lothian Community Hospital (ELCH) is a three story hospital based on the grounds of the former Roodlands hospital site in Haddington. The hospital includes all services provided previously in Roodlands and Herdmanflat Hospital.

The new build is also able to support patients previously in Haddington Care Home, Crookston Care Home, and Midlothian Community Hospital.

The hospital is surrounded by beautiful greenspace, and a key part of our art and environmental design strategy for the new hospital, was to ensure that these outdoor spaces were incorporated as part of a pioneering, holistic approach to patient-care.

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What’s happening on site

Working with landscape designers, Hinterland Studios, we are redesigning the garden to create a safe outdoor area where patients, staff and visitors can have access to nature and fresh air.

We will look at how we accommodate the needs of the different people who use the garden; calm spaces where patients, staff and visitors can spend time, walkable circular route for patients around the garden, spaces to come together and interact, for example through simple gardening tasks.

We have been working with Dr Sally Gouldstone, botanist, ecologist and founder of Seilich Botanics, to look at the space around the hospital with a view to increasing biodiversity and encouraging more insects and birds to the area.

Greenspaces outside East Lothian Community HospitalPlans are underway to develop a Community Garden on the hospital grounds. We are working a local landscape architect to develop the area in front of the hospital into a beautiful, relaxing outdoor space for the whole hospital community to enjoy.

Find out more about how the art and environmental strategy for the new hospital evokes an immersion in nature to aid healing, recovery, and a more patient-centred approach to care