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Working with the NHS Lothian teams at Midlothian Community Hospital, Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership and third sector providers including Cyrenians, we support the delivery of non-clinical services that unlock the potential of NHS Lothian’s greenspaces as health assets.

Our greenspace enhancements and activities benefit patients, visitors, staff and communities, and help fight climate change and biodiversity loss.

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What’s happening on site

Coming soon! We are working with staff to reconfigure the courtyard into a staff wellbeing garden. Cyrenians have been helping us dig up the beech hedges and reconfigure the gravel. We will then start to consider what planting needs to happen to make the space feel welcoming and relaxing. Staff have indicated that they want to be able to take their shoes off and walk on the grass. Options are being explored to install a ‘no mow’ lawn of thyme and chamomile to make the experience of being in the garden a sensory one too – as well as avoiding complications of getting a lawn mower into an indoor courtyard! We can’t wait to share further progress.

Community Garden

The Midlothian Community Hospital Garden is run by Cyrenians. It is an inclusive space where volunteers, staff and the surrounding community work together to provide a community growing space which is accessible and supportive, and allows volunteers to work and build community in a way which suits them.

The gardens are open every day to members of the public, with volunteer and groupwork programmes running on weekdays.

Celebrating 10 years of the Community Garden

Midlothian Community Hospital Gardens

In August 2022, patients, staff, volunteers, partners and supporters came together to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Midlothian Hospital Community Gardens, a welcoming and supportive green space that promotes community and wellbeing.

Since opening over a decade ago, the activities available at the garden for volunteers and visitors have expanded hugely, offering education, exercise, purpose and community to everyone who needs them. It continues to develop, offering more opportunities, from heritage growing to its community food forest, for people to build up their happiness, health and wellbeing with Cyrenians’ support.

This is what this Garden does for people. It grows people, it makes them blossom.”

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Midlothian Community Hospital Garden: [email protected]

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