Belhaven Community Garden

Community Hospital Gardens

Take part in therapeutic activities, build communities and enjoy time in nature

Community Hospital Gardens offer people the chance to meet others, learn about the environment, participate in therapeutic activities, work together, grow and eat local food, and most importantly enjoy time in a beautiful green space.

The gardens are open to everyone to enjoy, with a focus on welcoming people experiencing mental or physical health problems, disadvantage, isolation or poverty.

There are currently three beautiful community gardens across NHS Lothian at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Midlothian Community Hospital and Belhaven Hospital. Working with teams on site and third sector partners, we share best practice in order to increase the therapeutic activities available in the gardens and make better connections between NHS Lothian patients and staff, with the ultimate aim of improving general health and wellbeing.

Gardens at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and Midlothian Community Hospital are run in partnership with Cyrenians, Belhaven Community Garden is run in partnership with Sustaining Dunbar.

Find out more about the gardens and other green health activities available at the following sites:

Belhaven Community Garden

Belhaven Hospital

As part of our Green Health Strategy, we work with NHS Lothian and partners across the region to enhance the […]

Midlothian Community Hospital

Working with the NHS Lothian teams at Midlothian Community Hospital, Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership and third sector providers […]

Royal Edinburgh Hospital

At the Royal Edinburgh Hospital (REH), we recognise the link between improved mental health and access to the natural world. […]

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